Choose abrasive discs – in different dimensions – to make your grinding jobs hassle-free and efficient.
  • Diamond Blade Inc. 230mmx16mm, 9”230MM, 20 x 2.6 x 25.4/22.2mm 12mm Segmented – 4” 105mm x 16mm, 230mm x 10mm x 22.3mm, 305mm
  • Diamond Blade –Laser Welded
  • Metal Grinding Disk 100 x 6 x 15.66mm
  • Cut Off Wheels – Metal Inc. 115mm x 22mm, 230mm x 22mm, 300mm x 20mm
  • Cut Off Wheels – Masonry Inc. 102mm x 16mm, 230mm x 22mm, 230mm x 25mm, 300mm x 25mm, 300mm x 22mm, 356mm x 20mm

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