Superior Quality Building And Garden Supplies In Melbourne

Economix stocks and sells a wide range of building and garden supplies for Deer park & Melbourne commercial and residential properties.

Are you searching for high-quality, reliable landscaping and garden supplies to increase the visual appeal of your Deer park & Melbourne property? Do you want to connect with a one-stop destination for all your building and gardening requirements?

Regardless of you have a commercial, industrial, or residential project, you will find us to be the ideal choice for all your garden and landscaping requirements.

Excellent Range Of Building Products

At Economix, we offer a vast range of building and garden products and solutions to our Deer park & Melbourne clients. Our major range of building and garden categories are the following:

Building And Garden Supplies
Choose from a range of garden and landscaping bin products, from different types of rocks to mortar mix and toppings.
  • Flat River Rocks
  • Crushed Rock (7mm 5mm 20mm 14mm Blue)
  • Red Gum Chips
  • Black Mulch
  • Pink Bark Mulch
  • Mushroom Compost
  • Garden Blend
  • White Washed Sand
  • Packing Sand
  • Concrete Sand
  • White Brick Sand
  • Lilydale Toppings
  • Tuscan Toppings
  • River Pebbles 25mm – 50mm
  • Off White 14mm – 20mm
  • General Purpose Cement
  • Off White Cement
    – Hydrated Lime
    – Concrete Mix
  • Rapid Set
  • Mortar Mix
With garden sprayers, mulches, fertilisers, lawn and turf blend, lawn seeds, weed controls, and much more, you will find all garden care products under our roof.
  • Garden Sprayer (1,2,4,7 Ltr Bottles)
  • Watering Can
  • Seasol, Seaweed Concentrate
  • Weed Control 1 Litre
  • Pink Bark Mulch
  • Hoses, Accessories
  • Fertilisers
  • Lawn & Turf Blend
  • Lawn seeds (Golf Course Green, Budget Lawn Seed, Superstart Organic Seed)
  • Posts and Pegs
  • Line Markers
From reinforcing rods to steel mesh and bar guards, our reinforcing steel helps you to amplify the quality of your construction.
  • Reinforcing Rods
  • Steel Mesh 5MM-8MM
  • Concrete Bar Chairs Inc. 25/40, 75/90, 85/100mm (Other size available upon request)
  • Bar Guards
  • Waffle Pods 225mm, 300mm, 375mm
Choose abrasive discs – in different dimensions – to make your grinding jobs hassle-free and efficient.
  • Diamond Blade Inc. 230mmx16mm, 9”230MM, 20 x 2.6 x 25.4/22.2mm 12mm Segmented – 4” 105mm x 16mm, 230mm x 10mm x 22.3mm, 305mm
  • Diamond Blade –Laser Welded
  • Metal Grinding Disk 100 x 6 x 15.66mm
  • Cut Off Wheels – Metal Inc. 115mm x 22mm, 230mm x 22mm, 300mm x 20mm
  • Cut Off Wheels – Masonry Inc. 102mm x 16mm, 230mm x 22mm, 230mm x 25mm, 300mm x 25mm, 300mm x 22mm, 356mm x 20mm
We want to simplify your construction jobs with our bricklaying tools – rubber grip bolsters, jointers, additives, brushes, line hooks, brick trowel, concrete dissolvers, and more.
  • Braided Brickies Link
  • Rubber Grip Bolster
  • Line Hooks
  • Roller Rake 50mm – 60mm
  • Jointers
  • Brushes
  • Additives
    – Rapid Set
    – Water proofer
    – Plasticiser
  • Concrete Dissolver
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Brick Trowel
  • Bushfire Weeps
  • Insulation Paper
  • Foams
    – Foam Joint
    – Foam Joint Sticky Back
  • Wheel Barrows and accessories
Choose high-quality stormwater plumbing, stormwater fittings, poly drain, and grates and pits from Economix to make your stormwater drainage seamless.
  • Storm Water Plumbing Glue PVC
  • Storm Water Fittings
    – Adaptors
    – Joiner
    – T-Piece
    – Junctions & Elbow
    – Bend
  • Grates and Pits (Metal and Plastic)
  • Poly Drain
Variety of floats, walking trowels, sprayers, walking groovers, finishing trowels, stainless edgers, and much more to make your project execution easier.
  • General Tools (extensions, wire reel, kneeling boards)
  • Sprayers
  • Variety of Floats
    – Aluminium
    – Magnesium
  • Walking Trowel
  • Walking Groover
  • Finishing Trowel
  • Stainless Edger
  • Expansion Foams – Adhesive
  • Braided Nylon Brickies Line
  • Power Tapes
  • Barricade Fences
  • Hessian Bolts
From hammers and shovels to measuring tapes and extension cords, you can get any general tool for your building and garden at our store.
  • Trimming Knives
  • Extension Cords
  • Measuring Tapes (Open Reel Tape, Power Tape)
  • Squeegees
  • Broom Head and Brushes
  • Hand Saws and Bolt Cutter, Nipper
  • Wrecking Bars
  • Hammers
    – Demolition
    – Claw
    – Brick
    – Sledging
  • Ideal Coil 1.57mm x 1.42kg Annealed
  • Shovel
Get different types of nails, including bullet nails, concrete nails, galvanised clouts, and much more, in different sizes.
  • Bullet Nails
    – 50×2.80mm
    – 75×3.75mm
    – 50×2.80mm
  • Concrete Nails
    – 100×4.50mm
    – 25×3.00mm Twisted shank
    – 40×3.20mm
    – 50×3.20mm
    – 75.4.00mm
  • Galvanised Clouts
  • Tie Downs (500KG, 2500KG Capacity)
  • Barrier Tapes
  • Cones and Bollards
  • Kneepads
  • Power Tapes

Browse through each range of product categories and see what can add value to your property and its landscape. All of the garden supplies from our Deer Park & Melbourne plant can help to create the garden or landscape of your dreams for your property.

At Economix, we always strive to expand our product range since we began our journey. It helped us to become the destination for the most diverse range of building and gardening products in Melbourne. We offer the highest quality products by combining our decades of experience with our focus on incorporating the latest innovation to our services. We also supply premix concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, colour concrete and more. To know in detail, please call at (03) 9361 1311

Why Choose Us?

Years of Experience

We have provided Deer Park with garden supplies since 1970 and are known experts in exposed aggregate and decorative concrete. Our technicians and delivery associates still carry the same dedication and enthusiasm coupled with the knowledge gained over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Great Attention to Detail

We have become a well-known supplier company and pride ourselves on our workmanship and microlevel attention to detail. Our garden supplies Melbourne service involves a thorough checkup of all the equipment to maintain the highest quality.

Market’s Best Rates

We are determined to offer you the absolute value for your money with our immaculate Deer Park building and garden supplies. We at Economix provide the best supply services at crazy cheap prices.

Wide Range of Products

We pride ourselves on our extensive range of products as we offer everything from premix concrete solutions and permeable concrete to hosts of garden supplies in Deer Park. We know you may have specific requirements apart from the regular concrete mixes. Hence, we offer you products like:

  1. Coloured concrete
  2. Green eco concrete
  3. Kerb mix
  4. Pool and spray mix
  5. Special class
  6. Block fill


The Complete Garden And Landscaping Destination

We are a complete garden and landscape store in Melbourne with products, including mulches, sand, soil, rocks, gravel, safety, gardening equipment, and much more. Be it for gardening, brick wall, landscaping, vegetable garden, or any other work, we will have products and solutions for all your requirements.

Do you want a simply manicured lawn to make your property look more natural and appealing? Are you searching for decorative chippings to give a heritage appeal to your property? We supply all the products and materials for making different landscapes and gardens of the choice of our customers.

Note that all our products and solutions comply with Australian standards. They are safe for our customers and have minimal effects on the environment. Our manufacturing standards ensure optimal use of resources while generating minimal waste.

Talk to our construction specialists today to get the guidance and assistance to create the right garden and landscape of your choice for your property.

Seamless Service Experience

We are a team of construction experts who are ready to offer you a seamless, friendly, professional service experience to our customers. From the moment you contact us with your queries, you will see the difference in our superior service standards. We will listen to your requirements and thoughts to guide you to choose the right products for your needs.

We also have a team of logistics professionals with expert knowledge and insights about the hurdles of the transportation industry. They will ensure that you are receiving our products on-time without any hassles. At Economix, we always focus on quality and reliability, and this has helped us to build an excellent reputation in the industry.

Note that we are committed to offering a high-value service to our customers. In addition to quality products, we also ensure that our customers get the products at highly competitive prices.


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