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Coloured concrete is the preferred choice of many for indoor and outdoor flooring. It is durable and convenient to maintain, and hence many Australians are keen on having it placed in various area of their property.

When used indoor, coloured concrete offers the convenience of wet cleaning and no regular vacuuming. On the other hand, it adds to the home’s aesthetic appeal when used in external areas. For example, coloured concrete is a popular choice for walking paths and driveways.

Coloured concrete is pigmented to match the colour scheme of your home. At Economix, we source pigments from reliable suppliers known to provide man-made, synthetic, inorganic, stable pigments that are UV radiation-resistant. We are proud suppliers of a variety of natural concrete colours and premixed concrete.

Why Choose Colour Concrete?

Colour concrete can enhance the look of any area of your property, be it an external area or internal. It’s one of the best flooring options as it provides the strength and durability of concrete with a touch of colour to enhance the area’s look. Moreover, coloured concrete can be treated in different ways to achieve a unique final appearance. Depending on your preference, you can choose any of the following finish for your coloured concrete.

  • Broom finish

Want to lay concrete in your backyard but worried that it would make the surface slippery? Here’s a perfect solution for the same. Try adding the broom finish to the laid coloured concrete. Broom finish is an easy way to achieve an attractive look for your coloured concrete. It makes the surface slip-resistant and further adds to its beauty.

The broom finish gives the concrete a rough texture obtained by dragging a broom on the trowelled concrete surface while fresh. With a broom finish, it is possible to provide coloured concrete with different textures like straight lines or curved lines. Broom finish colour concrete is ideal for areas like shed floors, garages, flat walking pathways, and driveways.

  • Trowel finish

Another popular finish for concrete is the trowel finish. This involves the use of a trowel to smoothen and fine-level the concrete surface. There are two types of trowel available – manual and mechanical. A manual trowel has a flat steel blade and a handle to swiftly move it across the concrete surface. On the other hand, a mechanised trowel resembles large fans with blades and is made to rest directly against the concrete. Mechanised trowels are mainly used in commercial projects.

Trowel finish concrete is ideal for indoor and outdoor surfaces. This finish makes the surface rough and slip-resistant, and hence it is popular to be applied in pool decks and walkways. Also, trowel concrete surfaces feature high adhesion that makes them suitable for existing surfaces without complete demolition. Moreover, specific treatments make trowel concrete resistant to abrasion, wear and tear, chemical agents, weather conditions and water penetration. Trowel finish concrete is easy to clean and maintain.

Why Have A Coloured Concrete Driveway or Coloured Concrete Patio?


Coloured concrete is ideal for internal flooring, driveways, and patios. Since concrete is a durable material, you don’t have to worry about the surface wearing off quickly. Coloured concrete can bedeck any surface of your property for years.

Appealing Look

At Economix, there is a range of colours available for your concrete surface. You can choose any colour from our catalogue, and we can supply you with the same. With our wide variety of colours, you can add an appealing look to your flooring easily.

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** Please note you should always visit our showroom or call us to discuss with one of our exposed aggregate and decorative concrete experts as some of the raw materials that we use is subject to natural variation and can vary in appearance to what you may see on a computer screen.

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