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Economix – The no 1 concrete impression supplier in Melbourne!

Transform dull concrete into a decorative surface at an affordable price with stencil patterns. At Economix, we have a range of stencil patterns that can concrete the look of a stone, brick or tile, without having you pay an exorbitant price. With our brick stencil for concrete, we can change the look of a boring concrete surface.

Stencil pattern is an enduring and practical option, allowing you to add various colours and patterns to freshly laid concrete. With our range of concrete stencil brick pattern, stencil paving patterns, tile stencils for concrete, and more, you will be spoilt for choices.

Why Choose Concrete Stencil Patterns?

Stencil patterns can change the look of fresh concrete and make it resemble other hardscape options. A great benefit of having stencil patterns applied to concrete is you get the look of brick, tile or stone and the durability of concrete. Moreover, the cost involved in using a stencil pattern is much cheaper than having actual tiles or bricks or stones installed.

When stencil patterns are applied to concrete, you get a hard-wearing, non-slip textured surface. Stencil is abrasion resistant and ideal for surfaces experiencing heavy vehicle or pedestrian traffic. Stencil pattern is a perfect choice for driveways, pathways, patios, terraces, courtyards, and pool surrounds. They may be applied on sloping or hilly terrain as well.

We are a renowned patterned concrete driveways supplier in Melbourne.

Stencil patterns are low in maintenance as well. If you give a concrete surface the look of a tile using a stencil, you save yourself the time, money and effort involved in replacing chipped or cracked tiles frequently.

How Is Stencil Pattern Done?

Step 1: Concrete is laid on the surface, and while it is still fresh, a specially treated large concrete stencil is placed on it.
Step 2: The next step involves the application of two coats of colour hardener on the surface.
Step 3: After a few hours, the stencil is removed to reveal the perfectly ‘grouted’ look.
Step 4: To enhance the colour and protect the surface from staining, two coats of sealer is applied to the surface.

Benefits of Stencil


  • 1. The surface gets the structural integrity of concrete and the attractive look of a tile, brick or stone.
  • 2. There is no subsidence or weed issue like it would be in case of pavers
  • 3. Stencil offers an anti-slip finish and textures and is ideal for inclined or wet areas.
  • 4. The high abrasion resistance of stencil patterns makes it perfect for high volume traffic areas.
  • 5. The sealing nature of stencil patterns make them low maintenance.


Why Choose Economix For Stencil Patterns?

1. A range of Modern Stencil Patterns: At Economix, we provide a range of classic stencil patterns along with some unique new looks. No matter what type of stencil pattern you are looking to create on concrete, you can find it at Economix.

2. Quality Product: We are experts in exposed aggregate and decorative concrete. Whether we supply stencils, pre-mixed concrete or coloured concrete, you can expect our products to be of high quality.

3. Choice of Classic and Traditional Colours: No matter what colour you want for stencilling the concrete surface, we can help. We have a range of colours for you to choose from. You can request to see our colour collection or tell us the specific colour you have in mind, and we promise to deliver results accordingly.

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Economix is not just a reputed concrete stamping supplier but also a renowned pre-mix concrete supplier! We also provide polished concrete and deal in exposed aggregate concrete. If you want to know more about the products we offer, you can speak to our experts.

From creating stamped concrete patio to stamped concrete driveways, stamped concrete patterns on the other surfaces. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable stencilled concrete supplier in Melbourne, you must connect with us.

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