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Economix is a leading decorative concrete aggregate supplier, offering a range of aggregate concrete in various styles, colours and textures.

A thin layer of cement paste doesn’t conceal exposed aggregate concrete and hence reveals the stones or sands on the surface. Many techniques allow creating different types of exposed-aggregate finish. Therefore, it is the perfect material for decorative application in the outdoor areas of your property. Exposed aggregate isn’t just durable but environment friendly too and hence is a preferred choice of many. Ideal for driveways, pool surrounds, and entertaining outdoor areas, exposed aggregate has become a part of many home renovation projects.

Whether you want to expose aggregate polished concrete or heavily exposed finish for your surface, you can count on us for all your needs. At Economix, you can find the perfect concrete solution for the interior and exterior areas of your home.

Standard Finish Supplier Melbourne

Exposed aggregate concrete with a standard finish is ideal for outdoor areas like the driveway, pool surrounding, pathway, and steps. It involves mixing aggregate to the concrete batch and random placement of the mixed total on the surface.

The strength and durability of standard finish concrete make it perfect for continual use. No matter how heavy traffic your driveway experiences, you can use standard finish aggregate concrete on it without worrying about its wear and tear. Moreover, the rugged appearance of exposed aggregate concrete covers stains and dirt perfectly, thus maintaining the look of the surface for a long duration.

Decorative Concrete Aggregate

There are many decorative finishes that you can achieve with exposed aggregate. Decorative concrete aggregate adds to the beauty of your driveway or pathway or any area it is used upon. To achieve a decorative look for your concrete, we offer a wide range of mixing solutions that are sure to lend a premium look to your property. With our decorative concrete aggregate, you can transform dull flooring into an attractive looking surface in a cost-efficient manner.

Here are some ways in which we make concrete decorative for your property:

  • 1. Mix concrete with polished glass, stone, or luminescent material to lend a shimmery effect to your surface.
  • 2. Provide stencils to imprint designs on concrete and make it attractive looking.
  • 3. Offer coloured concrete to lend an appealing look to your home or give you the liberty to match the flooring to your home décor.

Exposed Aggregate Colour Through

The colour of the mix determines the concrete floor’s colour. The flooring colour may differ based on the surface texture employed and the amount of aggregate exposed. At Economix, we under the addition of different and permanent colours to the concrete so that it can lend a colourful look to the upper surface of your flooring.

Coloured exposed aggregate concrete is ideal for driveways and pathways. They lend a unique and colourful look to your flooring, thus changing their appearance completely. Also, with a concrete driveway exposed aggregate finish, you can expect a skid-resistant effect for your flooring. No matter which colour exposed aggregate concrete you wish to apply for your flooring, you can rely upon us for providing you with the right colour. You can choose from our catalogue to check for the various colour options we provide.

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Economix is a renowned exposed aggregate supplier in Melbourne. We provide a variety of exposed aggregate concrete colours to match the needs of your property. We also deal in building garden supplies and polish concrete. If you are looking for a reliable pre-mix concrete supplier, you got to connect with us.

Do you want to build an appealing and long-lasting exposed aggregate driveway in your Melbourne property? Please speak to us now. Call us on (03) 9361 1311 or contact us online to have a word with our construction specialists. We can help you choose the product for your site and have the material delivered to you at the required address.

Black Exposed Aggregate Concrete

When you need a resilient and practical surface that still looks stylish, exposed aggregate is a fantastic option and available in a wide range of colours and finishes. One popular choice is black exposed aggregate concrete, a stylish choice for your home or commercial building. This form of concrete is made by exposing the top layer of concrete to reveal the aggregates, such as sand and stone. It is famous for having a beautiful finish that is non-slip, long-lasting, and visually striking.

Black exposed aggregate concrete is perfect for outdoor areas, pool decks, driveways, retaining walls, pathways, or steps and landings. With the combination of durability and modern style, it is an excellent choice for any of your projects.

If you’re based in Melbourne, make sure to contact Economix to discuss your project. We can work with you to your specifications and advise you on achieving the results you’re looking for. We also offer other wide range of products like permeable concrete, colour concrete, premix concrete, mini mix concrete and more.

Exposed Aggregate Driveway

Exposed aggregate driveways are one of our specialities at Economix. Our team has many years of installing driveways, and we’re confident we can provide you with a fantastic driveway that will last you for years.

Why choose exposed aggregate for your driveway?

  • With the high amount of use your driveway will see in its lifetime, it’s crucial to have a durable material and withstand continuous use. Exposed aggregate is exceptionally hard-wearing and will not wear down quickly as you continuously drive over it.
  • It is also a good material for ensuring a non-slip driveway, which is excellent for added safety and additional driving traction
  • Compared to smooth concrete, an exposed aggregate driveway will hide dirt and stains more effectively.
  • It can come in a range of styles and colours to suit your style, it is incredibly versatile, and there is sure to be a finish that works for your project.
  • It is a very low-maintenance finish, only needing a sealing and the occasional cleaning as needed.


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** Please note you should always visit our showroom or call us to discuss with one of our exposed aggregate and decorative concrete experts as some of the raw materials that we use is subject to natural variation and can vary in appearance to what you may see on a computer screen.

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