• Address
  • Time and date required
  • Type of concrete
  • Any site instructions (access restrictions)
  • Quantity required
  • Type for discharge
  • Any special requirements (slump, oxides, fibres, etc)
  • Application (footing, paving, driveway, etc)
  • Spacing between loads

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This depends on which product you are ordering. Give our friendly team a call to find out how many weeks lead-in time you need to allow.

We strongly recommend the use of a licensed and reputable concreter to lay your concrete floor or complete your stencil, impression or colour-through finish. A good concreter will agree to a pre-lay test to ensure you will have the finish you’re after.

Please note that the addition of water or other substances to the pre-set concrete is not advised as it may change its look and strength.

We highly recommend that your decorative concrete be properly set and sealed prior to use. By reapplying the sealant at regular intervals you will guarantee a superior appearance and finish to your Economix product. All sealant products should be patch tested prior to use to ensure a quality finish.

As our product ingredients are sourced from natural materials, some variation in the look, colour, shape and texture may occur. We recommend that you carefully examine our product brochure and showroom samples prior to purchasing, noting that all examples are indicative only.

Economix strongly recommends the use of a licensed and reputable concreter for all your concrete works. In addition, the provision of an appropriately prepared surface on which to lay your Economix products is vital to the integrity and overall look of your concrete finish. Economix advises that ongoing maintenance and cleaning of your concrete surface is required. Some impressed concrete finishes are not recommended for sloping or wet areas in accordance with Australian Safety Standards (??) AS/NZS 4586-1999.

Economix further advises against the laying of any decorative concrete products with a concrete pump, and cannot be held responsible for poor or unqualified workmanship or the use or addition of water or other products or the run-off of these products into any sewerage, drainage or natural waterway system.

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