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Where the concrete needs to be long and hard wearing with speedy curing times and increased durability, Economix fibre mesh/poly steel fibre is the only choice. Suitable for both cold and warm climate use, the high quality and specific composition of this concrete offers.


As a leading fibre mesh concrete supplier in Geelong and its surrounds, we provide complete fibre-reinforced concrete flooring solutions for different projects. Our mesh concrete ensures the structural integrity, toughness and improves the durability of your high-traffic floors.


Moreover, you can contact us for any decorative concrete. Our wide range of mini mix concrete, exposed aggregate concrete and colour concrete is available in various styles, colours, and textures to suit different indoor and outdoor flooring requirements.


In addition, we are also renowned for supplying permeable concrete, catering for the needs of various residential, commercial, and council development projects. Permeable concrete consists of a mixture of water, cement, and coarse aggregate. It is popular for making the surface less slippery because it contains interconnected voids that allow the water to pass through the concrete.


Why Use Our Fibre Mesh Concrete?

Our fibre mesh concrete provides a superior alternative to traditional concretes. Depending on your project type, fibre type and dosage, you can even replace primary steel-reinforced concrete with our fibre reinforced products. Using fibre concrete for any commercial or residential project can help faster construction, better long-term performance, less risk, and more cost savings.
Fibres are one of the best reinforcing concretes and include synthetic, glass, steel, and natural fibres. Moreover, fibre reinforced concrete provides significant advantages over conventional reinforcement. Besides many other benefits, the most notable is that the fibres are evenly distributed throughout the slab to resist cracking in this type of concrete.
Our fibre mesh in Deer Park & Melbourne and other suburbs of Melbourne are highly in demand because of their high tensile strength. Fibres in the entire concrete mix are automatically placed in the correct location, and it helps in providing three-dimensional reinforcement throughout the slab.
You can use our product for applications that require enhanced performance. Because of the high fibre count, it will help reduce or eliminate plastic shrinkage cracking before the initial set. In addition, it provides an ideal alternative to wire mesh for many project applications. Finally, it offers a higher level of residual strength holding the cracks tight.
Some of the characteristics of our product that makes it a popular choice are:
Better Durability and Reduced Cracking
Making it the number one performer for all areas of Australia.

Predominantly used for domestic applications such as:

  • Driveways
  • Footpaths
  • Carports
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Patios
  • Raft House Slabs
  • On Ground Slabs
  • All light vehicle traffic areas


Provides A Cost-Effective Solution

As a reliable fibre mesh supplier, we offer a reasonable concrete flooring solution. Our fibre reinforced concrete eliminates costly and time-consuming processes associated with traditional concrete reinforcement. If you choose our product, you can save on:

  • Material cost
  • labour cost
  • Material handling cost
  • Equipment maintenance cost


Eliminates Corrosion

Our fibre reinforced concrete is resistant to corrosion. It is not affected by the harsh climatic conditions of Australia and can perform high regardless of the exposure. Additionally, the concrete fibre is resistant to the alkaline nature of the concrete. Therefore, we can ensure that our product will not suffer strength loss with age.

High-Quality Concrete

Economix fibre concrete is made of thousands of high tensile strength fibres distributed throughout the entire concrete mix. With our product, you will not find any unreinforced zone. Hence, there is no need for a protective concrete cover. Our product is highly demanded because of the following performance benefits:

  • Increases ductility or concrete toughness
  • Highly durable with no performance loss over the time
  • Minimises crack propagation
  • Reduces or eliminates crack width
  • Increases impact resistance
  • Increases seismic performance


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Fiber mesh is made using fiberous materials such as synthetic, glass, steel, and natural fibers. It is generally used on sidewalks, driveways, and patios. Instead of being laid down before the pour, this type of mesh is distributed evenly throughout the wet concrete mixture.

Apart from providing overall protection for your concrete pour, this type usually takes less time than wire mesh. Using wire mesh is a long process because this type of mesh needs time to overlap and must be laid twice. Hence, it will increase the labour cost.

Yes, fiber mesh concrete is good. When you want to increase the toughness and ductility of your concrete, suitable fibers are added. Reinforced fiber concrete is less prone to fractures and cracks and can maintain its structural integrity. Additionally, fiber mesh concrete has increased fatigue strength, resistance against freezing and thawing, increased impact strength, and reduced crack growth.

Fiber mesh combines different fibers, such as glass, steel, synthetic, and/or natural fibers. Apart from these, naturally occurring asbestos and vegetable fibers, such as sisal and jute, are also becoming popular additions to reinforced concrete.

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Call us today on (03) 9361 1311 or contact us online to speak with our construction specialists. They will help you to choose the right products and solutions for your products and ensure seamless delivery of the products to your project location.

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