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Here at Economix, we offer high-quality mini mix concrete in Melbourne. This essential, premixed concrete is an ideal solution for your residential, commercial or industrial project. As a preferred mini mix concrete supplier, our concrete is an ideal solution for those looking for high strength concrete with topping, foundations, blinding and stencil/pattern paving. An excellent choice for cross-overs, driveways, extensions, fencing, garages, walkways, etc.

We offer concrete mini mix services six days a week, with a wide range of concrete mixes and stabilised sand. We can also supply a range of exposed aggregate blends and colours to meet the diverse needs of our clients and customers.

Why Use Our Mini Mix Concrete For Construction Project?

Concrete is an essential component used in the construction industry. It accounts for 30-50% of the total cost of any construction project. As such, the quality of your concrete matters because it directly impacts the durability and strength of your construction project. In this context, mini mix concrete plays a vital role because it improves the efficiency of your structure and reduces the wastage of your resources used in the construction process.

If you want to put up a pergola in your garden or plan to concrete in stumps for a new deck, mini mix concrete is ideal. Our product provides a perfect solution for driveways, paths, foundations, crossovers, and other general concreting. As a result, it’s in high demand for construction projects around Melbourne.

Our product results from the best quality aggregate, sand, and cement mixed in the right proportion for the very best results. Some of the advantages of our mini mix concrete that makes it a popular choice for any construction process are:

  • Consistent quality standard
  • High efficiency and durability
  • Reduce the wastage of cement and sand
  • Convenient to deliver
  • Provides a versatile solution
  • Provides reliable structural strength
  • Offers higher service life

High Quality Concrete Services

Economix is known for working with industry-leading builders and architects to provide the very best concrete services for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Through our experienced team and years of service, we provide professional premixed concrete solutions for builders in Melbourne.

Though we supply a wide range of popular premixed concrete, our permeable concrete is also a highly demanded project we provide. It is popular for its characteristic of making floors less slippery. An ideal solution for homes and working spaces.

As a leading decorative concrete supplier in Geelong and other nearby suburbs, we can offer you a wide range of exposed aggregate concrete and colour concrete in various patterns, colours, styles and textures to suit your project requirement. You can explore our product ranges to find out more about us.

Why Choose Economix?

Economix has gained immense trust and popularity because of its quality product and exceptional customer-centric services. The name stands for quality and innovation. Our commitment to service excellence can be seen through the increasing product and service demand. We feel proud that we have gained thousands of repeat customers to our credit.

We have been working with reputable architects, commercial builders, and homeowners for over 30 years now. Therefore, we can better understand the industry requirements for your next project.

Thanks to our knowledge, experience, insight, and dedication to upskilling, we can promptly offer the best concreting solution for your building and construction process. Though there are many reasons why you should choose us, some that make us different from others are:

  • Unmatched experience
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Competitive pricing
  • Prompt delivery
  • Quality product
  • Practice advice
  • Ethical practice

Your Concrete Is Just A Phone Call Away!

Drawing on years of innovation and professional experience, our team at Economix are here for you. Our high-tech equipment and transportation options ensure that we will fulfil your requirements on time.

We are ready to meet your concrete requirement for stumps, pits, foundations, and paving. To find out more about our concrete solution, call us on (03) 9361 1311 or expect a prompt response from our consultant by filling in your details in our contact form.

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