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Economix, established in the late 1970s, is an expert in exposed aggregate and decorative concrete. In its 30 years of operation, Economix has become well known as a reliable, independent, quality supplier of pre mixed concrete supplies for commercial, industrial and residential use.

When building or renovating the decision making process regarding materials and their application can be overwhelming. This website is designed to showcase the incredible diversity of decorative concrete and to help you make a decision on the best option for your project.

Our Core Values

Large, small or otherwise, at Economix, we believe that our team members are the lifeblood of our business. Our core Values are as follow.

Our Vision

At Economix, our vision is to become a national, multifaceted organization that continually strives to improve our products & services. We hope to grow into an inclusively cultured environment with our people and maintain the practice of open communication & transparency. Economix wants to be carbon neutral, we are actively seeking routes and methods to creating greener and more ecologically friendly concrete. Our goal is to achieve a 30% reduction in our carbon emissions by 2035.

Our Policies

Economix acknowledges that our endeavours and production may affect our surroundings, this includes stakeholders, clientele, employees, suppliers, our neighbouring communities, our local facilities & facilitators. We consistently make efforts in reducing our impact on all who are affected. We hold a firm belief that open communication and transparency in our operations coupled with the generation of policies and procedures put in place will ensure the reduction in our impacts on communities and provide insight into what can be expected from us and indeed our supposition of all.

  • 1. Environmental Management Policy
  • 2. Health & Safety Policy
  • 3. Quality assurance policy & procedure
  • 4. Equal opportunity employment policy
  • 5. Stakeholder engagement & management policy
  • 6. Best practice policy

Industry Associations

  • 1. Concrete Institute of Australia
  • 2. GCP Australasia
  • 3. The Victorian Chamber of Commerce

Diversity & Inclusions

Economix has an inclusive culture and over the course of its operations created a diverse environment. We persistently aspire to perpetuate and expand our multifarious culture with an open, equal opportunity and inclusive employment policy.

This policy was drafted and implemented with the intention of deriving differing skills, opinions, thought processes, translations and interpretations of culture and environment and to inspire a diverse cultural range to include all ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, experiences irrespective of cultural differences, physical abilities & gender/sexual identities.

Our equal opportunity employment policy ensures we maintain our goal to demonstrate a higher diversity level at Economix with a genuine inclusive culture. This also provisions our ability to encompass all types of frameworks from every creed, religion, race, age & gender.

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