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Permeable concrete is a durable, multi-purpose form of pavement that consists of a mixture of cement, water, and coarse aggregate. It also contains several interconnected voids which allow water to pass through the concrete readily and easily. At Economix, we specialise in a permeable concrete service where our mix design ensures 100% of the water that falls onto your permeable concrete seeps back through into the soil below. Hence, whether you’re looking for permeable concrete for a driveway, commercial or residential space, we’ve got your covered. We also supply premix concrete, and color concrete, to know in detail please browse website.

Why Choose Permeable Concrete

Permeable by Economix is suitable for residential or commercial work as well as council development projects. Permeable (or pervious) paving is a durable and versatile alternative to traditional style concrete. Reasons to choose permeable concrete include:

  • Available in different colours
  • Vehicle strength – permeable concrete absorbs water which means it won’t puddle, creating a less slippery surface and reduced tire spray
  • Return water back to natural water table
  • Help with water retention systems
  • Trained/Certified manufacturers of WaterPave DriveCon™
  • Environmental benefits – permeable concrete reduces the amount of stormwater discharge that runs into the sewers
  • Integrates paving and drainage for better stormwater management

Residential Permeable Concrete

Residential permeable concrete is an impressive way of adding an environmentally friendly, functional, and attractive surface to your property. For example, many people opt to add a permeable concrete driveway to their home. Designing the perfect permeable concrete driveway for your home is simple when you choose the permeable concrete services from Economix. We’ll work with you to perfect the aesthetic appeal, and then design and install a permeable concrete driveway that controls the impact of water. Residential permeable concrete is also suitable for many other applications in modern landscaping such as swimming pool decks, paving or any exterior area that is prone to be affected by an excess of water. For only the best permeable concrete service, contact us today at Economix.

Commercial Permeable Concrete

At Economix, we also offer commercial permeable concrete services. This can include anything from residential driveways and roads for your business, parking lots, tennis courts, and much more. At Economix, we have the necessary skills and experience to install high-quality commercial permeable concrete, no matter the space. Eliminate the risk of ponding over roads and ensure that drivers are safe while driving through the rain with the addition of permeable concrete. For more information, contact us today.

Choose Our Permeable Concrete Services

As profession concrete suppliers, our team at Economix are experts at designing and supplying all types of concrete for your residential or commercial needs. Whether you’re building a garden and in need of permeable concrete for an environmentally friendly addition to the landscape or you’re after something more decorative such as exposed aggregate, we’ve got something for all types of projects. Choose our team at Economix for:

  • We pride ourselves on open communication and transparency
  • We strive for environmentally friendly services in all that we do
  • We have years of experience in the concrete and construction industry
  • Our team is reliable, trustworthy, and professional
  • We supply an extensive and various range of concrete and related products
  • We’ll help you accomplish your outdoor and exterior projects

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When you need the best permeable concrete in the business, choose our team at Economix to get the job done. For more information on our services or to speak to one of our construction specialists in Geelong, contact us today or call us on (03) 9361 1311. We will help you choose the right products and solution for your project and ensure for seamless delivery of the products to your desired location.

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