At Economix, we offer premix concrete solutions & permeable concrete based on your specific construction needs. By working closely with several residential, commercial, and governmental construction projects, we know you may have specific premix concrete requirements apart from regular concrete mixes. Note that all our premix concrete solutions exceed your strength and durability requirements as per Australian standards. We offer the following types of concrete premixed concrete to the construction sector of Melbourne:

Premix Concrete

Whatever your premix concrete requirements, whether it’s commercial or industrial site applications, driveway construction, house paving, building and garden supplies, or anything else, Economix is here to help. We offer a wide range of solutions, including exposed aggregate, polished concrete, mini mix concrete and coloured concrete.

One of our specialties is our premixed concrete services. We can deliver a tailor-made concrete mix straight to you for you to use on your construction project. Allow us to undertake the hassle of creating the perfect mix so that you can save time and money and focus on other areas of your project.


What is premix concrete?

Premixed concrete refers to concrete that has been mixed up in a batch and delivered to a worksite instead of being mixed up on site. Here at Economix, each batch is often tailor-made to the project’s specifics and is delivered in mixer trucks to your worksite.

We specialise in concrete that is suitable for different jobs. For example, if you want a specific finish or colour scheme, we can accommodate so that your concrete will suit your home’s aesthetic. If you are constructing a watertight structure, we can develop a concrete premix that can withstand long-term submersion. There are also types of concrete that are designed for upholding considerable weight. The possibilities are endless when you go with Economix.


Why choose premixed concrete?

Premixed concrete is a popular choice for projects where only small quantities are needed. You can also use it for large jobs where space is limited and there isn’t enough room for a mixing plant. Some other benefits include:

      • More Economical: by choosing not to mix on-site, you’re saving a lot of labour costs. You also won’t need all the equipment and materials needed to mix your concrete. You also won’t need to pay extra costs for storing the mix, aggregates, and the mixer. All in all, there are many areas in which you can save costs.
      • Convenient: we can deliver straight to your worksite. You will get the exact amount you need, whether it’s a small or large quantity.
      • Professional Services: by entrusting the mixing to a professional, like the team at Economix, you can guarantee that you’re getting the best value in products. You will have access to experts who know precisely how to create the perfect mix for your project.
      • Save on Space: worksites are almost always tight on space. To keep your project site stress and clutter-free, opt out of mixing your own concrete.
      • Tailored to You: the ability to modify your mix to your application is another way to save time. This also once again relies on the expertise of your mixer. You can request specific structural or physical properties or even ask your supplier for recommendations.

    Considering all these advantages, you can see why concrete premix is a popular choice, especially if you want to combine cost-saving efficiency and industry expertise.

Premix Concrete Melbourne

Economix is a premier premix concrete supplier in Geelong and the Melbourne area. We have concrete for any project you want to throw at us, and we are proud of our commitment to providing reliable service to all our clients.

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