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Shot Blasting Concrete In Melbourne

Sandblasting, commonly known as abrasive blasting or grit blasting, is the process that exposes the aggregates within a hardened concrete. It erodes the surface layer and offers a rustic and attractive look to the concrete surface.
During the process, the colour of the sandblasting cement will initially dominate. After the medium or heavy sandblasting, the coarse aggregates will get revealed, and it will progressively expose the prominent sand colour.
Generally, there are four grades of abrasion. Each phase produces a matt finish featuring textures ranging from those resembling sandpaper as in brush blasting to more coarse textures as in light blasting. Medium or heavy blasting exposes ample amounts of aggregate.

As one of the specialist concrete sandblasting contractors near you, Economix has all credentials and expertise required for sandblasting exposed aggregate or stamped concrete for all flooring solutions.

Sandblasting Concrete To Expose Aggregate


Whether it’s dustless blasting for proper concrete surface repair, safe and eco-friendly wet sandblasting, or dry sandblasting to expose aggregate, we specialise in all. Our experts can sandblast concrete from scratch to create a decorative aggregate finish—a cheap alternative to old worn-down concrete.


Sandblasting provides a cost-effective way to revitalise your patio, driveways, footpaths, or other areas dealing with heavy traffic. You can also count on us to prepare your non-slip surface, colour concrete for decorative stencils, or any other polished concrete in Melbourne.

Our service also includes applying a concrete bead blaster to clean and brighten the concrete surface and grout.


Sandblasted Concrete Finishes

Whether you want a light sandblast concrete finish, more distinctive decorative pattern work or any other finishes, we can suggest a dominant aggregate colour complementing the style and look that is right for your project purpose.

At Economix, our specialists have the skills, proper tools, and over 30 years of experience to create the most suitable sandblasted concrete finish. We will guide you in all aspects of your project journey – starting from your first call to the time we have completed your job. As a renowned sandblast concrete supplier, we do our best to provide you with high standard services that meet all your expectations.

All our practices meet Australian standards and are safe for your employees and family. Book with Economix to compare sandblasting concrete before and after our service and enjoy the difference!

Why Partner With Economix

Economix offers a one-stop on-site solution for concrete sandblasting, assisting architects, project managers, and industrial clients across Melbourne. We use the latest methods and techniques to achieve your desired surface profile – ranging from providing a non-slip surface, delivering a brushed sandblasted finish, to exposing aggregate.

Our project-centric approach to harden, texture, or coarsen different concrete surfaces through a varying degree of sandblasting fits your concrete project requirements. We can deliver light, medium, and deep aggregate exposure based upon your need and request.

We feel proud to say that we have gained high popularity among our insightful clients through our high professionalism, exceptional sandblast concrete service quality and wide range of concrete flooring solutions. All credit goes to our expert team members and their unique way of execution.

When it comes to concrete flooring solutions for all commercial and residential needs, Economix is second to none. With our products and service, you will not have to worry about asking for “a quality concrete sandblasting near me”.

Some of the trends that make us the first choice of many are:
Competitive Pricing
Our competitive pricing strategy makes you avail of our premium quality products and services at an affordable price range. You can contact us to get a price estimate of our service and also compare it with others. We guarantee that you will find all our services reasonable in terms of quality.
Experienced & Skilled Professionals
All our professionals are carefully chosen and are known for their exemplary work experiences. You can contact us for any concrete related needs or issues; we will be more than happy to assist you with all concrete flooring solutions.

It has been over 30 years; we have worked with different commercial builders, architects, shopfitters, and homeowners and have gained immense popularity for our precise service and a keen eye for details.
Exceptional Service Experience
As a reputed concrete supplier, we ensure you will enjoy a smooth and exceptional service experience by dealing with us. We will take all the responsibilities off your shoulders, providing you with complete peace of mind. We will guide you in all aspects of your concrete flooring journey – contact and follow up until the completion of your projects.
Safe Products & Services
All our products and services meet Australian industry standard and are safe for your pets and loved ones. We follow the best practice method both on-site and off-site for complete safety.

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