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Performance for Economix is our ability to provide you with a guaranteed set time regardless of the weather condition.

At the time you place your order you nominate the desired strength and setting time. Economix will advise the type of mix that will meet your requirements.


The guarantee of a setting time is limited in that water cannot be added to the concrete onsite, the pour area and surface is free of water, the ambient temperature is no less than 5 degrees Celsius and not greater than 32 degrees Celsius. Setting time is defined at the time between the last delivery of concrete and concreters off the slab on ground and packing up from the job site.


Poly Fibre Mesh & Steel Fibre Mesh

All aspects and components of our Fibre mesh and Steel mesh meet their relevant Australian Standard. It is recommend that the design engineer approves the use of Poly Fibre and or Steel Fibre Mesh. This is not a replacement for structural reinforcement.
Adequate control joints must be incorporated and installed no later than 24hours after the final set.

As normal for all concrete curing is required

A noticeable reduction in plastic shrinkage is possible when using poly or steel fibre mesh.

Block Fill

All aspects and ingredients of Block Fill meet their relevant Australian Standard. Like all our concrete products we can provide a nominated compressive strength at slumps of 120mm, our mix types are high quality and high performance.

Stabilised Sands

These mix types are highly flowable and all ingredients meet their relevant Australian Standard. The product must be confined until initial set as its high flowable. In some instance utility lines will need to be covered with a protective barrier prior to Stabilised Sand. Keep in mind that this is a low strength high flowable fill, this is not classified as concrete.


All aspects and ingredients of Decocrete meet their relevant Australian Standard.
Our Decocrete range has been specially designed to achieve a unique look, different levels of exposures can be beneficial depending on the desired outcome. It is strongly recommend that water is not added to the concrete as this can change the visual appearance of the surface finish
All materials used are naturally sourced and thus variation can be noticed in colour tone, shape and texture.
All brochures images and samples and other projects are indicative of the final finish and colour and it is recommend if you have a very particular look that your concreter will provide a sample of the finish that will be provided.


The company reserves the right to change aspect or ingredients without prior notice. In all cases the ingredients will always meet the relevant Australian Standard. Economix has undertaken research and technical trials, in all cases the formulas required to achieve the various mix type requirements cannot be disclosed.
We also supply premix concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, mini mix concrete and more. To know in detail, please contact at (03) 9361 1311.

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